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Download Player and Team Data

Data for all skaters, goalies, lines/defensive pairings, and teams are available for the current season going back to the 2008-2009 season.

The data was last updated at

A data dictionary which explains all of the columns in the datasets can be downloaded here.

Data is available summarized on the season level and on a game by game level going back to 2008-2009. Season level data is below. Note, if you want playoff data for the given season, just replace 'regular' in the URL of the link with 'playoffs'.





Team Level

















Game level data for each team is available below by clicking on the logo of your team of choice below. The data includes all regular season games for each team going back to the 2008-2009 season

You can also download all game level data for all teams for all seasons in one file here.





Any player's game by game career data can be downloaded by searching for their name below. Data summarized by each of the player's season is also downloadable:

Player Biography Data

List of all NHL players from 2007 onwards with birthdate, height, etc

Download Shot Data

All historical shot data is available to download. This includes 1,717,746 shots from the 2007-2008 to 2022-2023 seasons. Data for the 2023-2024 season is also available and updated nightly on this page. Saved shots on goal, missed shots, and goals are included. Blocked shots are not included in these datasets. There are 124 attributes for each shot, including everything from the player and goalie involved in the shot to angles, distances, what happened before the shot, and how long players had been on the ice when the shot was taken. Each shot also has model scores for its probability of being a goal (xGoals) as well as other models such as for the chance there will be a rebound after the shot, the probability the shot will miss the net, and whether the goalie will freeze the puck after the shot. The data has been collected from several sources including the NHL and ESPN. A good amount of data cleaning has also been done on the data. Arena adjusted shot coordinates and distances are also calculated in the dataset using the strategy War-On-Ice used from the method proposed by Schuckers and Curros.

A full description of all the variables and more details can be found in the data dictionary. The data is in csv files contained within zip files.

Download the Files Below:

All Past Seasons (2007-2022 Seasons) (1,717,746 shots)

Recent Seasons (2014-2022 Seasons) (993,658 shots -Recommended For Excel Users)

2007-2008 Season (106,243 Shots)
2008-2009 Season (110,023 Shots)
2009-2010 Season (110,895 Shots)
2010-2011 Season (111,405 Shots)
2011-2012 Season (108,753 Shots)
2012-2013 Season (66,087 Shots)
2013-2014 Season (110,682 Shots)
2014-2015 Season (109,627 Shots)
2015-2016 Season (109,461 Shots)
2016-2017 Season (110,953 Shots)
2017-2018 Season (119,715 Shots)
2018-2019 Season (117,622 Shots)
2019-2020 Season (104,172 Shots)
2020-2021 Season (78,611 Shots)
2021-2022 Season (121,471 Shots)
2022-2023 Season (122,026 Shots)

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